Yixuan ("Janice") Zhang


Pronounce as [y-ee] [sh-oo-en] [j-AH-ng]
Preferred name: Janice

Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
William & Mary


[April 2023]
I passed my PhD defense! Thank you those who have helped me.
[Aug. 2022]
I was honored to be named a "Rising Star in EECS" 2022!
[Aug. 2022]
I was honored to be selected as a "Foley Scholar" (highest award for student excellence in research contributions to computing) at Georgia Tech.
[July 2022]
Our paper, "Visualization Design Practices in a Crisis: Behind the Scenes with COVID-19 Dashboard Creators" was accepted to VIS'22!
[Feb. 2022]
Our other paper, "Investigating Older Adults’ Attitudes towards Crisis Informatics Tools: Opportunities for Enhancing Community Resilience during Disasters", was also accepted at CHI'22!
[Jan. 2022]
I passed my PhD dissertation proposal defense!
[Nov. 2021]
Our paper, "Shifting Trust: Examining How Trust and Distrust Emerge, Transform, and Collapse in COVID-19 Information Seeking", was accepted at CHI'22!
[Nov. 2021]
I gave a presentation at a webinar--"The Past, Present, and Future of COVID-19 Dashboards"--organized by the World Health Organization (WHO) on December 9th, 2021.
[Oct. 2021]
I was invited as a panelist at a VIS'21 panel "What is the Role of VIS in Combating COVID-19?".
[Aug. 2021]
I was honored to receive the Foley Scholar Finalist at Georgia Tech.